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(Togo First) – A delegation of French businessmen is in Togo to explore opportunities the country has to offer. They met with the minister of investment promotion, Kayi Rose Mivedor-Sambiani, last Thursday, September 15.
According to the ministry for investment promotion, the French delegation is part of Business France, a body in charge of the international development of French companies and French investments abroad. 
Some of the European businessmen that came to Togo work in the sectors of water (irrigation and sanitation), telecoms, digital, and smart lighting systems.
“During the meeting, the delegation, some of whose members are already carrying out investment projects in the digital, health, and water sectors and should be completed soon, was given a presentation on the business climate and investment opportunities in our country, “ the ministry added.
As part of their mission in Togo, the French delegation (led by Jean-César Lammert, Director Business France Côte d’Ivoire & West Africa) also met with executives from financing institutions, such as the BOAD, and other French investors who already operate in Togo.
Last week, a delegation of businessmen from Tunisia (representing the Tunisia-Africa Business Council) was also in Togo for the same purpose as the French delegation.
Ayi Renaud Dossavi
At the fifteenth position, worldwide, and first in Africa, under the Starting a Business index of the 2020 Doing Business ranking, Togo sustains its reformative dynamics with more reforms….
Compared to some years ago when it was one of the lowest rankers under the Doing Business’ Enforcing Contracts indicator, Togo, leveraging many efforts to improve its business climate, was able to jump significantly on the index in the recent years… .
Creation of special chambers of commerce for small debts  • Creation of chambers of commerce at the Court of Appeal  • Civil and commercial cases now handled by distinct clerks  • Establishment of commercial courts in Lomé and Kara  • Lawyers and bailiffs now have access to the FORSETI COMMERCIAL platform • A maximum period of 100 days was fixed to settle a commercial dispute .
In comparison to previous years,Togo has significantly improved its ranking under the“Trading across borders” indicator by adopting multiple reforms that focus mainly on the digitization and reduction in delays, for import and export procedures related to import and export.
In comparison to previous years, Togo has significantly improved its ranking on the “Trading across borders” index by adopting multiple reforms that focus mainly on the digitalization and reduction in delays, for import and export procedures related to import and export.
After moving from the 133rd to 127th place under the 2020 Doing Business’ construction permit index, Togo intends to reiterate this feat in the coming edition of the global ranking. To this end, it has introduced this year multiple reforms.
Over the past two years, Togo’s ranking under the Doing Business’ Getting electricity and water indicator has increased consistently. Owing this performance to multiple reforms aimed at making it easier for businesses to access power and water, Lomé plans to introduce even more reforms this year to keep up its improvements.
Out of all the ‘Doing Business’ indicators, Property Registration is where Togo has improved the most since 2018. Indeed, after spending years in the lowest part of this ranking, the country now seeks to beat Rwanda which is the best performer on this index in Africa. To do so, Lomé has been introducing many reforms, with the latest batch implemented this year.
From professionalization to digitization, through legislative regulations, Togo’s public procurement framework is constantly being modernized. Several reforms have been implemented to improve the sector much to the benefit of the private sector, which is the focus of the National Development Plan.

To improve its business environment, Togo introduced some important reforms related to the payment of tax and duties. From the replacement of some taxes to the cancellation of others through exemptions, the country has only one objective: offer the most attractive tax framework to investors and economic operators. To achieve this, the authorities relied on digitization.
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