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From Wikipedia, the loose encyclopediaHouseboundDirected byGerard JohnstoneWritten byGerard JohnstoneProduced byLuke SharpeStarring

  • Morgana O’Reilly
  • Rima Te Wiata
  • Glen-Paul Waru

CinematographySimon RieraEdited byGerard JohnstoneMusic byMahuia Bridgman-Cooper

Release date

  • 10 March 2014 (SXSW)

Running time106 minutesCountryNew ZealandLanguageEnglishBudgetUS$four hundred,000[1]

Housebound is a 2014 New Zealand horror comedy film written, edited, and directed with the aid of Gerard Johnstone, in his function film directorial debut.[2] The movie had its global most advantageous on 10 March 2014, at South by way of Southwest and stars Morgana O’Reilly as a female sentenced to house arrest in a probably haunted residence.[3]Plot[edit]

Kylie Bucknell, a afflicted young girl, tries to scouse borrow the secure from an ATM however the police seize her. Due to her records of recidivism, she is sentenced to house arrest for eight months under the care of her mother, Miriam. Kylie does now not get along with both her mom or her step-father, Graeme. A safety contractor, Amos, explains that Kylie’s ankle reveal will alert the police if she ever leaves the premises of her mom’s house.

Kylie is in addition pissed off whilst Miriam claims the house is haunted. After a disembodied hand grabs her within the basement, Kylie will become convinced that an intruder is within the residence. Amos takes Miriam’s proposal of a haunting severely, and promises to return with ghost hunting equipment. After a chain of unexplained reports, Kylie involves believe there may additionally surely be a ghost in the residence. Dennis, Kylie’s medical psychologist, becomes involved with what he believes to be delusions in Miriam and Kylie. Graeme well-knownshows that their home turned into once a halfway residence and the web site of a bad murder. They discover proof of the crime, including an orthodontic retainer.

When Kylie and Amos find out that her neighbour uses a retainer, Kylie breaks into the person’s house as she attempts to take his retainer. After she flees again home and hides inside the basement, she panics and by chance stabs Graeme. Amos tries to interrupt into her neighbour’s residence next however the neighbour says that he is not the killer. He tells the tale of a younger savant, Eugene, whom he adopted. Eugene is an expert at mechanics and electronics, and disappeared a year before the killing, even though the neighbour believes him to be accountable.

Kylie discovers Eugene’s secret hallways of their residence. She and Amos converge on the police station, and Amos corroborates her wild tales of a serial killer living inside the hidden passageways. However, the police find no evidence, and Dennis convinces all concerned that it would be exceptional if Kylie have been institutionalized. Once Dennis reveals that he wears a retainer, Kylie becomes suspicious of him. When she confronts him with proof that he became an intern at the halfway residence, he attempts to kill Miriam and Kylie, whilst incapacitating Amos. Kylie and Miriam flee into the secret tunnels, where they encounter Eugene.

Realizing that their paranormal pastime has been Eugene all this time, they’re at the beginning fearful but recognise that he is friendly. Dennis stabs Eugene, knocks out Kylie, and starts offevolved to strangle Miriam. Eugene wakes Kylie and fingers her a weapon, which she uses to stab Dennis. Eugene throws a switch, and high voltage explodes Dennis’ head. Months later, all have recovered, Amos removes Kylie’s ankle screen, and Eugene has reputedly end up an widespread (albeit normally unseen) member of the household.Cast[edit]

  • Morgana O’Reilly as Kylie Bucknell
  • Rima Te Wiata as Miriam Bucknell
  • Glen-Paul Waru as Amos
  • Cameron Rhodes as Dennis
  • Ross Harper as Graeme
  • Ryan Lampp as Eugene
  • Mick Innes as Mads Kraglund
  • Bruce Hopkins as Officer Carson
  • Millen Baird as Officer Grayson
  • Wallace Chapman as Mr. Hollis
  • Nikki Si’ulepa as Leslie
  • Ian Mune as Judge


Johnstone became first inspired to create a horror movie after looking Ghosthunters on tv and received additional concept from traditional movies which include The Changeling and The Legend of Hell House.[4] While writing the script Johnstone desired the person of Kylie to be “a person that would not scare without difficulty. That way, whilst she does ultimately fall victim to worry, it is a whole lot greater palpable.”[four] He experienced some issue in attaining the movie’s exterior pictures of the house, as budgetary issues restrained their options of homes and renovations to the outdoors in their selected house at some stage in the direction of filming also raised some problems.[4]Release[edit]

Housebound had its world gold standard at the South with the aid of Southwest movie competition on eleven March 2014.[five]Reception[edit]

Rotten Tomatoes, a overview aggregator, reviews that 95% of forty two surveyed critics gave the movie a fantastic overview; the common score is 7.fifty four/10. The web site’s consensus reads: “Alternately hilarious, gross, and without a doubt diverting, Housebound is the uncommon horror-comedy that supplies on each fronts.”[6] Metacritic rated it seventy six/100 based totally on 10 evaluations.[7]

Hitfix gave it an A and wrote “every so often at the pageant you stroll into a room understanding not anything, take a seat down, and get your cranium punched in by using a film this is calibrated flawlessly, that knows exactly what it wants to do, and that seems almost unnaturally assured thinking about it became made with the aid of a first-time feature director”.[8] Fangoria praised the film, rating it at three out of 4 stars and pointing out that it “smartly includes some standard thoughts approximately throwing away infantile indignation and rebellion, and mastering your mother and father as humans with pasts and private lives, no longer just nagging overseers.”[9] Shock Till You Drop additionally gave Housebound a superb rating, as they taken into consideration it one of the highlights of South by way of Southwest.[10]Movies.comstated it turned into a breath of clean air for the regularly stale haunted-residence genre.[eleven] Badass Digest told readers they’d “a new favored horror film of 2014”.[12] Chuck Bowen of Slant Magazine rated it 2.five/4 stars and wrote that every of the movie’s factors are “adequately and engagingly orchestrated” however do not integrate right into a coherent entire.[13]Awards and nominations[edit]YearAwardCategoryWorkResultRef.2014Fright Meter AwardsBest Supporting ActressRima Te WiataWon[14]Best Horror MovieHouseboundNominatedBest DirectorGerard JohnstoneNominatedBest ActressMorgana O’ReillyNominatedBest ScreenplayGerard JohnstoneNominatedBest EditingGerard JohnstoneNominatedDead through DawnBest Feature FilmHouseboundWon[15]Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film FestivalBest Feature FilmHouseboundWon[sixteen]New Zealand Film & Television AwardsBest ActressMorgana O’ReillyNominated[17]Best Supporting ActressRima Te WiataNominatedBest DirectorGerard JohnstoneNominatedBest Make-UpJacinta DriverNominatedBest Costume DesignLissy MayerNominatedBest FilmHouseboundNominatedBest Visual EffectsMatt WestbrookeNominatedBest Production DesignJane BucknellNominatedBest CinematographySimon RieraNominatedBest SoundFranklin Road Sound Post ProductionNominatedBest Poster DesignJohnny LyonWonStrasbourg European Fantastic Film FestivalAudience AwardHouseboundWon[18]Toronto After Dark Film FestivalBest Horror FilmHouseboundWon[19]Best Comedy FilmWonBest Ensemble CastWon2015Fangoria Chainsaw AwardsBest Limited Release FilmHouseboundNominated[20]Best ScreenplayGerard JohnstoneNominatedBest Supporting ActressRima Te WiataNominatedRemake[edit]

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