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Kanye West was named as one of the victims of the death hoax trend going around the internet, which was spurred on by his ex-business manager reporting him missing, but apparently, he’s perfectly fine.
In fact, the “Gold Digger” rapper might just be going on the down low by avoiding paparazzi, social media, and the very person who reported him missing!
According to recent reports, West was spotted very much alive and well, leaving a church after attending service.
People who saw the rapper quickly snapped pictures of him as he left the church, and he was seen sporting a green bomber jacket, camouflage cap, and jeans.
The news of West being MIA was reported by the Daily Loud via Twitter, and netizens flocked over to share their thoughts on the matter.
While some were genuinely concerned, others found the entire thing hilarious and poked fun at the situation.
“Fell out a window,” a Twitter user wrote.
“He’s fine. He’s just taking a nap,” another wrote, sharing a picture of the rapper snoozing.
“He’s in Wakanda,” another wrote, referring to the fictional country in Marvel movies.
Ironically, one of the netizens commented, “he probably finding God as usual,” which eventually proved to be somewhat true since he was spotted in a church.

Kanye West NOT missing However eagle-eyed fans of Ye spotted the rapper at church after some time of missing rumours The Donda rapper donned a green jacket a baseball cap, and jeans, while having an conversation at the chapel #KanyeWest #kanyewest #kanyemissing #kanyewestmissing pic.twitter.com/9jC96j81is
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While many are relieved to see that West is doing alright, many started speculating that he might not simply be taking time off the limelight, but in fact, hiding from Thomas St. John, the very same person who reported him missing.
However, according to HITC, West was never missing in the first place, despite numerous rumors.
Perhaps the reason why West was making himself scarce was because of a conflict between himself and St. John.
According to reports, the rapper was supposed to pay St. John a monthly retainer of $300,000, but according to the ex-business manager, after an “aggressive” meeting, West stopped paying him and essentially bounced.
Court documents read: “[St. John] needed a guarantee that [West] wouldn’t abruptly abandon the commercial relationship, in addition to the financial costs and hazards associated with committing to [Kanye West] as client. but Mr. St. John offered to settle for a contract lasting at least 18 months. [sic]”
With that being said, maybe a part of the rumor has been solved: maybe West was just hiding from St. John to avoid the monthly retainer.
However, none of these are confirmed by West or his team and are all simply allegations against the disgraced rapper.
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